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About me

choreographer ~ dancer ~ aerialist ~ director ~ musician

Soo Mee has always had a passion for music, ever since she started playing the violin as a little child. It wasn’t until later she got inspired by dance and theatre and so she started taking dance classes several times a week. Soo Mee’s love for dance grew stronger and she decided to continue her training professionally at the Amsterdam University of the Arts - from which she successfully graduated in 2017. Over the years she got commited to different companies, both on stage and behind the scenes. Soo Mee is a dancer for Vlaams Muziek Theater since 2011, she started performing with Theater Tol in 2017 and works for Team Jacques as choreographer and director. She's also the president of the Antwerp based musical theatre company De Speling. There she is involved as a creative for many productions, she helps out behind the scenes and sometimes performs on stage as well. Apart from choreographing musicals such as "SHOUT! the Mod Musical", “Sisters of Swing – The Story of the Andrew Sisters”, "My Fair Lady", "Stepping Out" and "Cabaret", she's also directing and takes part in the entire production process. In 2018, the musical adventure "Madagascar" premiered as her first production as director and choreographer. Last year De Speling performed one of Soo Mee's favourite musical productions "Once", for which she not only choreographed, but also combined playing her first character, singing, dancing and playing the violin! A great reward it was, that "Once" got selected for the Landjuweelfestival.

Meanwhile Soo Mee is also active as a aerialist and flow & fire artist. She loves aerial silks the most, but also trains aerial hoop and flying harness.  She regularly performes on swaypoles and is still learning other skills to fly! She took circus classes at Ell circo d'ell Fuego and trained at the Pole Dance Factory Amsterdam. At PoleXplosion she teaches workshops from time to time, and takes aerial classes herself. Over the past few years she performed aerial acts at Circus Boxtalino, with Vilja Productions, in shows a.o. "Sirk da Moer", "Fonteinen Spectaculair", "Paradise down by the Lake" and at all kinds of events.

Her fire and flow trainings are mainly coached by Julia Arts, Fire and Light entertainment. With this professional team Soo Mee performed full fire shows a.o. "The Legend of Cora" (for which she also created mermaid choreographies and a lyco/fire torch routine) and "Spirits of Pompeii". She also did many other acts for private and business events. Working with fans, poi, cups and torches, Soo Mee is totaly in love with the magic of fire!

Lastly Soo Mee creates her own work. In Amsterdam, she discovered her passion for making fysical dance theatre and by working on her second piece "The Cube", she started developing her identity as a choreographer. "What's on your mind" and "Where's the revolution" followed the years after, each contributing to the development of her style and signature.

Also, during the first COVID lockdown, in collaboration with musician Kris Doms, "Chocuna" was created. A sensory dance performance with live music accompanied by surprising flavors and scents.

Although this is not her main focus, Soo Mee enjoys exploring her vision as a maker and always has a few ideas in mind or some projects in development.

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