Are you looking for an act for your event? Do you want to book a full show? SooMotion creates performances customized to your needs or can adapt existing acts and shows to your wishes. In coöperation with various artists many things are possible. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

We can provide all the necessary equipment to perform at different locations, inside a venue or outdoors. This inclues light and soundsystem with professional technician and all tools or stage elements needed to add that finishing touch. 

Fonteinen Spectaculair

A summery, refreshing performance through the fountains with dance, aerial acrobatics and live music.

At the invitation of the city of Aarschot (Belgium), we created a performance to celebrate the recently constructed fountains on the Grote Markt. This way a playful event with dance and acrobatics rose, in which the water became our fellow player.

Collaborating artists: Vilja Duo & Kris Doms
Technical Support: Audioworks


Inspired by colors and scents, dynamic musical numbers are created from which dance and movement arise. Live looping and dance improvisation accompany surprising delicacies so all senses can enjoy it to the fullest.


Surprising tastes and smells shaped into exclusive, artisanal pralines created for our performance. They are the base of our sensory show.

Live Looping

Inspired by taste, colors and smell, music will be produced on guitar and through live looping. All sound effects are self-written and programmed, which results in an unique sound palette.



The music translates into movement. Since live looping emerges through inspiration on the spot, the dancing as well is an improvised performance.

Collaborating artists: Kris Doms & You and Me Chocolate
Technical Support: Audioworks

Sirk Da Moer

A living room aerial acrobatic show by De Dansschuur.

An evening with breathtaking acts and romantic serenades.

Collaborating artists: Gert Botty, Noi Pakon, Joanna Dinah Schwing, Hakan Quintelier